Lucija Ana Glagolić Hora
Lucija Ana Glagolić HoraAccredited 5RhythmsTM Teacher, Waves (2008) and Heartbeat (2015)
Lucija is a 5Rhythms teacher, a practice through which she has been actively supporting others in embodiment, healing and personal growth since 2007. She is a mother of an 8-year old boy who brings her back to expanding the skills of self-regulation, rasponsibility, and of constant learning and empathical teaching.
The depth of her work stems from many years of experience and continuous exploration of and education in a wider field of personal growth and healing practices and techniques like family constelations, energetic healing and bodywork.

Her teaching style is gentle but clear, focused on the depth of the experience and spiced up with easy yet direct humour. The work she offers weaves into the dance deep introspection, ritualized healing, group and personal feedback and good portion of integration that helps plant the seeds of change from the dance floor into the everyday life.

Marin Kovačević Hora
Marin Kovačević HoraMovement Medicine Teacher (2014)
I am a psychotherapist, shiatsu teacher and practitioner, husband and a father, in 2014 I completed the Movement Medicine Teacher Training and since then have been teaching conscious ecstatic dance either alone or in company with my wife. I consider working with people to be my true calling and find both pleasure and fulfillment in it.

I teach with a lot of lightness and humor and I like to give the dancers ample space to explore their own dance and have those meaningful inner experiences that make dancing so worthwhile. If I had to name one thing that moves me it would be finding the truth, the truth of ourselves, who we are and the truth of life. One of the fastest ways to find that truth for me is through dance, because our bodies are always present, always here and now, they never lie.

When I am not on a workshop or in a therapy session, I enjoy spending time building Lego with my son, drumming in remote forest areas and exploring ancient spirituality and of course – dancing!

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