1304, 2021

On healing – when and how and why

By |April 13th, 2021|

Many of us are striving towards self-healing, knowing that ultimately the only thing we can change is ourselves, and afterwards from that inner change bring healing into the bigger field and inspire others to embark on a healing journey themselves. But what do we need for that - what ability, what technique, what kind of support? What does it mean to heal? In my native tongue the word healing - "iscjeljivanje" - literally means making whole, so for me healing is just that bringing the system into wholeness. Connecting where I feel divided, cleansing the blocked and impervious inner

2302, 2021

As I am danced

By |February 23rd, 2021|

I dance for as the beat hits my bones As I pour into movement the lightness and the weight I discover the medicine for every ail When I am worried about tomorrow I offer these worries at the altar of my feet To carry them and unravel and return them to dust And when today is wonderful I offer that beauty to my hands to celebrate embracing the wind, spreading into the emptiness And when the Now tightens and clenches me I rock those claws with my hips For juices of life to soak and dissolve them and when

711, 2020

PRACTICE – Sexuality on the dance floor

By |November 7th, 2020|

Even though we say that everything is welcome on the dance floor, some of those things actually are not. Our every state or need, every feeling or thought are most definitely welcome, even every dance of ours. The boundary that does exist refers to situations where our dance begins to include others...

710, 2020

PRACTICE – Dance as a medium for personal growth

By |October 7th, 2020|

Dance covers a big spectrum of diverse human needs. Physical activity with possibility of expressing something that might not fit into words, releasing the accumulated stress along with an opportunity to meet others, the artistic aspect, the inner and outer beauty, and much more than that if we allow ourselves to dive deep.

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Due to the restrictions for gatherings we have shifted most of the programs ONLINE, with intention to return to in-person setting as soon as it is possible.
Some of the programs are still described as in-person, but that is susceptible to change in case of prolonged measures.

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ZAGREB 11-13.6.2021
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Spaces for this workshop are strictly limited due to epidemiological situation

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