Nowadays there are many conscious dance practices that, in these times of global pandemic of disconnection from our bodies and consequently the body of the planet we live on, each in it’s specific way bring consciousness, freedom and embodiment into our lives. Opening the shut down pathways of sensing and experiencing , of connection and appreciation, bringing the joy of movement and freedom of being ourselves back to our priority lists.

Both Movement Medicine and 5Rhythms are practices with very well organized cosmologies that help navigate through different landscapes of our being. Engaging body, heart and mind, soul and spirit into the experience and encouraging living in an organic connected way that cherishes natural resources in and around us.


The 5RhythmsTM practice is a movement meditation practice that anchors us in the body, the alive, moving body that is not only a sac of bones but a temple of our being. It brings us back to our natural habitat and calls us to listen to our inner impulses. It connects body and breath in the movement that allows all levels of our being to be expressed, aligned and connected. Heart, mind, soul and spirit embodied in a natural dance which can open the door to ecstasy, bliss and healing if we only allow it. Even though there are no predefined steps to learn in this practice, there is a strong, meaningful structure, a cosmology that offers tools and directions for the journey through the inner landscape. So that we don’t get lost in the ecstasy, that we fully embody the bliss and that the healing may be a true seed of a deep change and growth.

Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine is a conscious dance practice intended for anybody who desires to connect more deeply with themselves and their bodies and to discover more freedom, vitality and integrity in the their life. It was developed as a culmination of lifetime of work of Ya’acov and Susannah Darling Khan from their rich experience in modern conscious dance practices, ancient shamanic cultures and cognitive neuroscience. The word Medicine comes from the teachings of Northamerican Indians and means all that brings us into balance with ourselves and the world around us. The Medicine is in everything, in every tree, in every rock and in every human being. In Movement Medicine we learn how to find that Medicine in our dance and allow it to guide us to our wholeness.

Movement Medicine is practiced in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Very important announcement

Due to the restrictions for gatherings we have shifted most of the programs ONLINE, with intention to return to in-person setting as soon as it is possible.
Some of the programs are still described as in-person, but that is susceptible to change in case of prolonged measures.

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AWAKEN your heart
befriending the power of fear

ZAGREB 11-13.6.2021
weekend workshop, Heartbeat level*

Spaces for this workshop are strictly limited due to epidemiological situation

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