Hora Plesni Put (Hora dancing path)  offers embodied, holistic and conscious approach to enhancing your personal well-being through a wide pallet of formats that allow different people to find what they need in a way that suits them.

Individual approach or group work. Single sessions or long term formats. In a shorter or longer form – sessions, classes, workshops, intensives…

Focusing on different needs and themes

  • body and soul recreation in a healthy drug-, alcohol- and smoke-free environment.
  • personal practice to release everyday stress and general enhancement of livelihood in everyday life
  • personal development through unearthing and transforming  patterns of being and doing that are no longer healthy or useful

CLASSES are a shorter form, equally ideal for getting a taste of conscious dance as a medium for meeting ourselves and the others, as it is for a regular deep dive into practice.

WORKSHOPS offer a possibility to dive deep into personal growth focused on a specific themes, where a conscious dance practice serves as a main tool in that exploration.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS (coaching and mentoring) allow those who are not drawn to group setting or wish to work with a deeply personal theme, to investigate the question and with support of a facilitator search for an answer using body as an anchor and movement as a tool for integration of the shift.