CLASSES are a shorter form, equally ideal for getting a taste of conscious dance as a medium for meeting ourselves and the others, as it is for a regular deep dive into practice.

Open form is suitable for people that cannot commit to regular attendance due to any reason, but it doesn’t mean one cannot be regular at open classes :). They are not building one upon the other, but are standalone events that need no previous experience. In a way, open classes are a lighter, more casual form, suitable for all levels and kinds of experience, where each participant can take what they need, be it a stress relieving dance, energetic realignment, a bit of human connection or a dose of ecstatic bliss. 
On the other hand closed groups, besides the regularity, offer a possibility of deeper personal work over a longer period of time working with the same group of people, using the maps of the practice as a guide through the inner wilderness.  

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