Meditation, movement, dance ceremony.
No previous experience required.

Time and place for regular practice of liberating, ecstatic, conscious dance with an intention to call back into our everyday life the sense of sacredness and connection with nature and the mystery of life.

All teacher, regardless of practice they teach, through dance and movement offer space and tools that bring more presence, vibrancy and wholeness into your life.

At each online class we offer a few supported places, for those who desperately need to dance, but cannot afford it.
Also if you’re able to pay more than the quoted price, you can sponsor someone in future by adding to our sponsoring fund.
For more information about support or sponsorship contact us at

50kn – full price (7€)
40kn – early registration (by the end of day on Friday 2 days before the class)
after the registration you will receive the payment details. After receiving the payment, or receipt you will get the online meeting information (we currently use Zoom platform)

Registration required
Every Sunday
10.45-12.30h @ ONLINE

(till end of January for sure)

led alternately by local 5RhythmsTM and Movement Medicine teachers


January 2021

10.1. Ivana (5R)
17.1. Kaya (MM)
24.1. Lucija (5R)
31.1. Ivana (5R)

February 2021

7.2. Ivana (5R)
14.2. Lucija (5R)
21.2. Marin (MM)
28.2. Romana (5R)

Upcoming Classes

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