Regular evening 5RhythmsTM classes in a closed group over a six month period.
For all who:

  • feel the need to make a shift in their life
  • need a regular place to shake out the worries and recharge batteries
  • are willing to dive into places where they are stuck and bring there breath and movement
  • feel that movement would be a great medium to meet themselves, and maybe even others

Closed group for personal growth anchored in maps of 5Rhythms movement meditation practice. Guided not only by the teachings and gifts of each of the five rhyhtms in the Wave, but also our personal shadows and patterns of movement. For, as we move on the dance floor, so we move through our lives. And if we manage on the dance floor to soften the patterns that are not useful any more, we create a possibility to integrate that change into may aspects of our everyday being.

For all those who love the 5Rhythms practice and are curious about the depth it can take them through regular practicing in a closed group. When we stop introducing ourselves every time. When we know who is coming, but the questions is what with. When the dance becomes a key, and the rhythms the map for a journey through our inner landscape.

For those who are willing to take 5Rhythms as their regular practice even thou they might not know a thing about it, but feel the intuitive resonance with this invitation.

Commited group 
weekly class
led by Lucija
September 2020 – May 2021
next one starts September 2021
registration to begin July 2021

Upcoming Classes

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